Look at different types of our machining products.

Milling, drilling

Turning, grinding on a ball


Gearbox Project

Gearing Module 1,5 – 6 / Diameter 500 MM / Planetary Gear P = 200

Would you like to know more information about our machine technology? Here you can find our machine technology with modern CNC machines.

Our service

We offer the complete service in engineering.

The production of Hydrex will provide you the complete construction and technological preparation according your needs.


Based on your requirements, we process complex lay-out documentation in the SOLIDWORKS program with output to SOLID CAM.

Technológy preparing

Our engineers propose an optimal technology and machining process with maximum efficiency.


Using of modern CNC and CNC machines, we are able to make your orders complex from the start with high precision.


If necessary, we could co-operate some machine parts only what couldn´t be realized in your company.